Automated Marketing

Increase your revenue and customer loyalty with automated marketing campaigns.

"1 extra visit per month per guest is a 12-15% percent increase in revenue per month." - John Taffer

A marketing automation solution to drive promotions, loyalty and repeat visits using email or SMS. Leverage automatically existing transactional POS or eCommerce data, so you generate more business with less effort.

POS/eCommerce Data Integration

Leverage your existing customer sales transactions with smart data intelligence to drive relevant promotions and more business.

Email & SMS campaigns

Choose one or combination of both methods to reach your customers in all type of circumstances.

Rich Event Triggers

Whether 1st time order, important anniversary or long time unseen, behavioural events can be used to invite your customers back for repeat visits.

Rich Automation Workflow

Simple or sophisticated workflows can be setup to do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to executing your marketing campaigns.

Smart Segmentation & Profiling

Automate your customer segmentation and profiling using existing transactional data. Remove the need for manual efforts.

One-off & Sequential Messaging

Deliver a single one-off message, or a periodic sequence of messages until a certain customer action or condition is met.

Less work. More money.

Marketing campaigns made auto, so you focus on great food and great service.

Setup once
Have the system setup once and done right. Then it's just a matter of review and strategic adjustments.
Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat
Create campaigns, review results and apply learnings to your marketing engine to further improve business.
More time for strategy
With so much time saved, you can now invest more time on business strategy and execution.

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