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"A lot of restaurants serve good food, but they don't have very good service." - Wolfgang Puck

A comprehensive, cloud based point of sale solution based on Kounta™, which works on wide range of hardware devices including modern browsers. Very quick to implement with a low investment entry point and no minimum lock-in term contracts.

Works On Anything

Kounta™ is a Point of Sale "POS" Software System that works on iPads, Macs, PC's and also the existing traditional Point of Sale equipment that you have already invested in.

Add On Integrations

Kounta™ seamlessly connects with a variety of online and mobile services that you already use, or you are considering to use such as PayPal, Xero, Sassu or Deputy.

Supports Unlimited Sites

Kounta™ allows you to access your store on anything, anywhere, anytime while also centralising an unlimited number of stores like franchisees you own or manage.

Centralised Reporting Management

Report on your business from anywhere you are. Filter out what you want and then drill into detailed reports or even tailor reports to suit your needs.

Simple Product Creation

Create and arrange items that you sell, assign them images, colours, codes, barcodes, printer situations and then link them to categories and sales screen groups for getting them into your customers hands.

Inventory Control

Kounta™ has efficient stock control whereby you will have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. It also helps to make sure that capital is not tied up unnecessarily and protects your supply chain.

Customers using Kounta for their Point Of Sale.

Stella Rossa - Espresso, Cafe, Bar
Bondi Icebergs Club - Terrace Cafe
Mazza Espresso

Simple versatility

Comprehensive POS solution.

Minimal investment footprint, maximum product offering.

Lower Investment
Unlike legacy POS systems, there is no need for large investments and expensive implementations. Get started with minimal capital and be up'n'running in no time.
Large Hardware Range Support
Re-use your existing hardware, or perhaps if timely, consider a hardware refresh with a wide range of options to choose from.
Rich Eco-system
With a wide range and ever growing add-on modules released by Kounta and 3rd parties, the list of POS functionality and possibilities are endless.

Andre @ Snack Shack

André Moreira

Andre @ Snack Shack

Bern The Chef

Extreme functionality

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