Your live menu board.

Feast your eyes, wet your appetite.

"When we are hungry, the last thing we want to do is read the menu descriptions. " - Ned Harrison


A smart media solution to display a tasty, visual menu experience for the customers at your venue. Drive promotional campaigns, deliver consistent branding and messaging, showcase fresh new menu items, or just display your menu up to date.

HD Quality

Full HD quality (1920x1080) we all love to glue our eyes at.

Full Screen

No funny on screen controls, media bars or URL address bars. Only your tasty content in visual, appealing glory.

Schedule Playlist

Schedule content accordingly or provide expiry date for assets with limited time only offers.

Images, Videos or Webpages

Display images (PNG, JPG), play rolling videos (MP4), or show a web page (HTML) content. Pick one or mix them up.

Showcase Promos

Promote specials and let customers see it at the point of sale. Increase awareness as well as the order ticket size.

Wireless Connectivity

Avoid the need for physical connections, or the need for changing USB sticks. Connect remotely, from inside or outside the venue.

Visually engaging. Dynamically changing.

Your menu comes to life.

A TV/monitor made smart
An ordinary LED TV or monitor, no more. Remotely access the unit over the internet and manage display content.
Live Menu
Fresh content, up-to-date pricing, branding consistency, your food creativity at display.
Easy to Use
Easy to setup, easy to use. No complicated multiple screens to get through and start using.

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